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                                Rule Of Use Of Varistor

                                Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 05, 2019

                                A varistor is a voltage-limiting component that is sensitive to voltage changes. It is characterized in that, at a specified temperature, when the voltage exceeds a certain critical value, its resistance will drastically decrease, and the current passing through it A sharp increase, voltage and current are not linear.

                                3d奖号715前后关系However, there are some taboos when using varistor. For example, the oversized allowable value of varistor is not allowed! 

                                3d奖号715前后关系1. Regardless of how the voltage changes, its large fluctuation value cannot exceed the large allowable value of the varistor. If the continuous operation voltage exceeds the large allowable value, the use time of the varistor is reduced. 

                                3d奖号715前后关系2. When the varistor is connected between the power line and the ground, the voltage between the power line and the ground may increase due to some reasons such as lack of good grounding. The varistor equipment we use must use a higher power supply. The voltage between the line and the earth is higher. 

                                3d奖号715前后关系3. The current absorbed by the varistor during operation is as small as possible.

                                3d奖号715前后关系Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co.,Ltd

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