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                        1. Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co.,Ltd

                          Ceramic Capacitor

                          • Disc Ceramic Capacitor
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                            Disc Ceramic Capacitor

                            High voltage ceramic capacitor is a circular plate capacitor with ceramic material as medium. In the "ceramic chip" capacitor, DC50v is generally called low voltageRead More
                          • Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
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                            Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor

                            Monolithic capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) are larger than ordinary ceramic capacitors (10pF~10uF), and have the advantages of large capacitance, small size, high reliability, stable capacitance, high temperature resistance, good insulation and low cost.Read More
                          We are professional ceramic capacitor manufacturers in China, with bulk cheap products in stock. Please feel free to buy customized ceramic capacitor at low price from our factory. For free sample and pricelist, contact us.

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